History Of Koothandavar Koil

Having no choice, he goes to Sahadeva who is blessed with the talent of accurately forecasting the future and reading horoscopes, and to his greatest dismay finds Dhuryodhana there too. “Welcome, my lord”, exclaimed Sahadeva,” and you too, cousin. How may I help you both?” Dhuryodhana lays forward his request, “Oh MadriPutra, being true to your skill, guide me along a path, wherein I can surely claim victory in the upcoming war.” Nodding thoughtfully, Sahadeva looked at Shri Krishna, “and you my lord?”. “Sahadeva, I came to ask the same favor on behalf of the Pandavas.” Krishna blurted out. Without saying a word, Sahadeva rolled his Shozhi (shells used to help in prediction) and after several calculations looked up to both his guests. top^^

“The path to success is alike for both of you”, he explained. “To attain victory in the upcoming war, you need to sacrifice a man filled with all the good qualities of Valor, strength, bravery, beauty and such, to the goddess of war, Kali. He who first performs this sacrifice will gain the blessings of Kali and win the war”, he concluded and with very worried eyes looked at Krishna. “Leave that to me Sahadeva. Why fear when I am here?”, and with a dangerous look at Duryodhana, he left Sahadeva. top^^

All along his way back his mind was filled with a single thought, “Can it be? Hope it is not so. I cannot bear to lose him. Oh, wish that we do get another suitable person for the sacrifice.” The reason for his worried thoughts-Arjuna. Matching the qualities required in the sacrificial person to the various people in the Pandava camps, he could come up with only two people, Himself and Arjuna, and he wanted to lose neither. With a heavy heart he summons the Pandavas and relays Sahadeva’s prediction. “Is there anyone… Anyone else, other than Arjuna who can match the requirements of sacrifice? Anyone at all?” He pleaded, only to be met by a stunning silence. Krishna’s heart shattered at the thought of losing a dear friend. He felt light headed and started to sway with dizziness, when a voice cut through his haziness. top^^

“Am I eligible to be sacrificed?” the voice asked. Looking for the source of the voice, Krishna’s eyes land on a very handsome man, dressed as a warrior and bearing resemblances to Arjuna. “Who are you, may I know?” questioned Krishna, as hope revived in his heart. “I am Aravaan, the son of Arjuna, born to the Naaga princess Chithrangadha, through an illicit wedlock. I have come here to help bring victory to my father and his brothers. And if I can indeed help them win by sacrificing myself, then I am ready to die.” he proclaimed. top^^

Krishna is flooded with relief. Using his divine powers, he comes to know that Aravaan is indeed a warrior par excellence, full of good qualities and excellent character. “He would make the perfect sacrifice to Kali”, Krishna thought and he beckoned Aravaan to come with him. He introduced Aravaan to the Pandavas including to Arjuna, his father (what weirdness!!!) and praised the sacrificial qualities of Aravaan. “So you will be sacrificed to the Goddess at the dawn of war, tomorrow. Purify yourself mentally and physically and prepare for the day. Long live your sacrifice”, Krishna told Aravaan and turned to leave. top^^